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B.O.S.S. Ltd CCTV systems have been developed to be used in a huge variety of ways. CCTV as we see it is a tool not only to tackle crime but is also there to be used in day to day management .

CCTV applications outlined:

  • Crime prevention
  • Crime delay
  • Crime detection
  • Criminal prosecution evidence
  • Specific retail crime detection using point of sale data
  • Litigation cases
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Staff management
  • Staff training
  • Proof of good practice
  • Sales information
  • Marketing information

Digital CCTV

Digital CCTV systems have now completely replaced analogue CCTV systems. All CCTV data is stored on hard disks and each recorder is built to the customer’s specific requirements. The possibilities are endless when using these recorders from your data back up storage capacity to integration with monitoring stations and alarms. There is a system to suit everybody’s needs and more importantly budgets.

B.O.S.S.Ltd is seen has the market leader when it comes to supplying and installing Digital recorders to whatever specific needs are required. Working closely with the manufacturer Avigilon we have installed digital CCTV systems in a wide variety of applications. Avigilon is seen as the market leader in manufacturing digital CCTV products worldwide. All B.O.S.S Ltd engineers have undergone extensive training with Avigilon and HIK Vision and are accredited for same.

Remote CCTV

B.O.S.S.LTD offers a wide range of video transmission systems which allow you to monitor any camera / cameras from any location. Via means of PSTN, ISDN, Broadband (preferred), LAN, ADSL and radio CCTV data may be transmitted to a local PC, laptop or mobile phone. So wherever you are in the world you are only a click away from viewing your CCTV system.

Till Scan Security Systems

B.O.S.S.LTD Till scan security systems offers the ultimate protection from till theft and fraud. Through the means of till interfaces and CCTV data integrated through the Digital recorder you will instantly know who has been operating the till and what transactions occurred. This takes the guess work out of cash been mislaid or why too many voids or other misdemeanors took place.

Number Plate Recognition

B.O.S.S.Ltd Vehicle number plate recognition systems are at the forefront of vehicle identification . Using the latest in cameras, optics and illumination and filter technology we guarantee to provide clear images of vehicle number plates both day and night. This system can be stand alone or integrated into the digital recorder for digital precision.

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